Tag: Winter in the Adirondacks

Winter (-ish) Hiking – Lake Placid, NY

Those who know me also know that my favorite activity is to take a hike in the woods. The hike doesn't need to be up, doesn't need to be long, it just needs to be. I have a favorite dish towel that shows an owl on a branch and reads "The Woods are Calling and … Continue reading Winter (-ish) Hiking – Lake Placid, NY

High Peaks Skiing – Whiteface Mountain, NY

On President's Day, we packed our stuff up early and headed out to Whiteface Mountain for a day of alpine skiing. Predictions were for sun early then rain heading in by 3 pm. As an aside, sometimes these weather apps are pretty amazing to me: at exactly 2:55 pm, the drops started falling. But never … Continue reading High Peaks Skiing – Whiteface Mountain, NY