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Royalty, playgrounds and pubs – London, England

So when we last left our heroes and heroine, we were all taking a well-deserved tapas break. Reinvigorated by calamari, we were off to see the Queen. Or rather the Queen's very ugliest of castles. I am sorry but there is no charm whatsoever in Buckingham and if any Brits want to duel over that … Continue reading Royalty, playgrounds and pubs – London, England

Perambulation – London, England

Direct flights from Boston to London's Heathrow take about 6 hours (or 5 1/2 on a good jetstream day) and leave mostly in the evening. Which means you arrive in the world's worst airport at 3 am your time, and basically make a mess of the whole thing. Wait, that's just me on the mess … Continue reading Perambulation – London, England