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Badass – Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

With all due respect to my friends who waltz down powder-filled snowbowls in Colorado, Utah or Canada, you are not a badass skier until you ski with me and my friend Wendy in any list of icy, bitterly cold or sometimes rainy, Northeast mountains. To be truly badass, you have to look at a weather … Continue reading Badass – Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

Silly Fun at the Polar Caves – Rumney, NH

At the beginning of July this year we rented a house (sort of) on a lake in Franklin, New Hampshire. I'm going to talk about that sometime but I have really mixed feelings on the town which, four months later, I am still trying to work out. So in the mean time, I have to … Continue reading Silly Fun at the Polar Caves – Rumney, NH