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Winter (-ish) Hiking – Lake Placid, NY

Those who know me also know that my favorite activity is to take a hike in the woods. The hike doesn't need to be up, doesn't need to be long, it just needs to be. I have a favorite dish towel that shows an owl on a branch and reads "The Woods are Calling and … Continue reading Winter (-ish) Hiking – Lake Placid, NY

High Peaks Skiing – Whiteface Mountain, NY

On President's Day, we packed our stuff up early and headed out to Whiteface Mountain for a day of alpine skiing. Predictions were for sun early then rain heading in by 3 pm. As an aside, sometimes these weather apps are pretty amazing to me: at exactly 2:55 pm, the drops started falling. But never … Continue reading High Peaks Skiing – Whiteface Mountain, NY

Anything but Vacation – Lake Placid, NY

Where in the world to start with Lake Placid? I cannot think of a better place to spend a week during the Winter Olympics, yet our being there was an accident of fate, or rather hurricane. Originally our February vacation week was planned for Puerto Rico but then Maria happened and we had to make … Continue reading Anything but Vacation – Lake Placid, NY