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Of Sue, Ginsu and the Greek Islands – Chicago

Whoo, I fell off the blogging wagon and it's hard to get back on! I had one crazy week and want to write about all of my feelings about Reno, Donner Pass and Chico, but alas, I must wait until I finish off Chicago. Chicago, you're finished! No, just kidding, we have only just begun. … Continue reading Of Sue, Ginsu and the Greek Islands – Chicago

Hometown Chicago – Boys of Summer

Wait, what,  you say? You're from Chicago? Well, no, I'm not. I was born in NYC and lived my charmed childhood in bucolic Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT. But every summer growing up I went to Chicago (South Holland to be exact) to visit my grandmas, and my aunt and various other Dutch-descent … Continue reading Hometown Chicago – Boys of Summer