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Perambulation – London, England

Direct flights from Boston to London's Heathrow take about 6 hours (or 5 1/2 on a good jetstream day) and leave mostly in the evening. Which means you arrive in the world's worst airport at 3 am your time, and basically make a mess of the whole thing. Wait, that's just me on the mess … Continue reading Perambulation – London, England

Rise from the Ashes – Franklin NH

This is the blog post that has taken me longest to write of all my summer travels this year. There is a mixture of elation, wonder, and sadness that runs right through this place and my soul. It is hard not to superlative the place, hard not to pigeonhole it, but easy to wonder what … Continue reading Rise from the Ashes – Franklin NH

Silly Fun at the Polar Caves – Rumney, NH

At the beginning of July this year we rented a house (sort of) on a lake in Franklin, New Hampshire. I'm going to talk about that sometime but I have really mixed feelings on the town which, four months later, I am still trying to work out. So in the mean time, I have to … Continue reading Silly Fun at the Polar Caves – Rumney, NH