Comfort Food – Post Corner Pizza, Darien, CT

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.04.29
An unfortunate logo for a great pizza place – Photo credit: Darien Patch

A road trip this past weekend put us within striking distance of one of my favorite long-term food meccas, Post Corner Pizza, often shortened to Post, never to PCP (in spite of their box reading that way). I hope my mom is not reading this particular blog because the fact of the matter is that in high school (open campus, New Canaan), it was not an unusual day that would find me and a couple of friends splitting a medium pizza, a Greek salad and a couple of Cokes in tall plastic glasses. Ah, nostalgia, that sweetener of all foods.

Post is about 5 minutes off of I-95 in Darien, CT. Don’t ask me the exit number–I never got there by way of highway but rather by back roads from home. The place is probably double the size it was when I went to high school–at some point they decided dark and brick-lined was better renewed as dusky pink and pine. Doesn’t matter–do not focus on the ambiance. Also do not focus on the beer: always flat, always tasteless. Doesn’t matter the brand. Order it anyway; there is no such thing as Post pizza without flat beer (now, mom, it was Cokes in the old days, I swear!)

Until this year, my infrequent stop-ins were frequently rewarded with the same waitresses as we had in the early 1980s. Yes, true. All with strong Greek accents, all would smile when they saw my dad at the door, and bring him a flat beer to help during the wait for a table. My dad will remember their names. I don’t. I don’t think there were any waiters–all the men were working the big hot pizza ovens. This Sunday I recognized none of the staff which made me slightly sad and old-feeling.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.03.55
Checkerboard pizza. Photo credit: Trip Advisor

Post serves deep-dish pizza. They just don’t call it “deep-dish”. And really, I would call it medium-dish pizza–neither as deep as a Chicago pizza nor thin as a Brazilian pizza. But the crusts are ALWAYS crunchy and there is a fight for the outside pieces. Because Post cuts their pizza as a checkerboard–the large middle is crust-less. Perfect for those guests and small kids who hate the crusts. My husband has taken a long time to get over his Brazilianness with the crusts…all Brazilian pizzas are thin crust–but I would say he is a convert possibly with a sigh at the end. He’s a sport. In the good old days, it used to be sausage and mushroom pizza, always large, always with leftovers, sometimes with green peppers and olives. I can’t get my kids to buy into that so we went veggie.

I really only ever get the pizza and Greek salad so the rest of their huge menu is Greek to me. Sorry, that was just inevitable, no? The Greek salad is lettuce and marginally-ripe quarters of tomatoes, those green pepperoncini or whatever, rectangles of feta cheese, which I hated as a child and now like, black olives, cucumubers. So very good. Especially if your mom is with you and eats all the feta.

I read about the owner in the Patch article attached to their website. The place is on its second owners (still Greek) and they have a second restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida. My brother, with whom I might possible have a lifelong competition about, well, everything) often sends me pictures from, particularly when it is a yucky snowy day up north and we have only scraps for dinner. How does he know? I don’t know; that is what siblings are for.

So of course on Sunday, I had to send this photo from when we had just picked up that hot veggie pizza that was sitting on my legs on the way to Nathan Hale’s homestead. Take that, big guy.


Post Corner Pizza is located at 847 Post Road in Darien Connecticut and should not be missed EVER if you are on I-95 in Fairfield County.  Website here, but just get the large sausage and mushroom (veggie if you are vegetarian) and a large Greek if you have the chance. Also flat beer and fizzy coke. You’re welcome.



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